Hart County: Code of Ethics for Boards and Authorities

Georgia Code 45-10-3.

Notwithstanding any provisions of law to the contrary, each member of all boards, commissions, and authorities created by general statute shall:
(1) Uphold the Constitution, laws, and regulations of the United States, the State of Georgia, and all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion;
(2) Never discriminate by the dispensing of special favors or privileges to anyone, whether or not for remuneration;
(3) Not engage in any business with the government, either directly or indirectly, which is inconsistent with the conscientious performance of his governmental duties;
(4) Never use any information coming to him confidentially in the performance of governmental duties as a means for making private profit;
(5) Expose corruption wherever discovered;
(6) Never solicit, accept, or agree to accept gifts, loans, gratuities, discounts, favors, hospitality, or services from any person, association, or corporation under circumstances from which it could reasonably be inferred that a major purpose of the donor is to influence the performance of the member´s official duties;
(7) Never accept any economic opportunity under circumstances where he knows or should know that there is a substantial possibility that the opportunity is being afforded him with intent to influence his conduct in the performance of his official duties;
(8) Never engage in other conduct which is unbecoming to a member or which constitutes a breach of public trust; and
(9) Never take any official action with regard to any matter under circumstances in which he knows or should know that he has a direct or indirect monetary interest in the subject matter of such matter or in the outcome of such official action.