Hart County Board of Commissioners   

Community Development Block Grant 


Public Hearing


5:30 pm, 11 February 2003

Hart County Board of Commissioner’s Office



At the regularly scheduled Commission meeting held 11 February 2003, the above named public hearing was called to order at 6:45 pm by Angela Steedley, of Steedley-Hosey Enterprise.  Steedley explained the County’s intent to apply for CDBG grant funds up to $500,000 for the provision of public water to serve residents located in Rhodella Park Subdivision and along Ernest Oliver Drive, Liberty Hill Road and Liberty Hill Church Road.


Previous County CDBG projects were discussed earlier by Mr. Gary Cobb, County Manager, who relayed that the FY 99 Adult Learning Center and Battered Women Shelter projects were successfully complete and ready to close.  The FY 00 Mental Health facility is currently under construction and on schedule.


Steedley described all eligible CDBG activities, plans to assist displaced persons and the required low and moderate income benefit of at least 70 percent.  Low and moderate income limits based on family size were also presented. 


The rating and review criterion was explained as was the County’s commitment to further fair housing.  Fair housing brochures were available for all attendees.


Public comments included questions concerning the need for the project, the projected benefit to the taxpayers and associated costs including that for connection.


Cobb explained that property tax would not be used to fund the construction of water or sewer projects in the County, as a specific allocation for such improvements is available each year through the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST).  Cobb further explained that the required match of $10,000 would be met by the Hart County Water and Sewer Utility Authority and the total projected cost of $830,000+/-. 


Fort Oglesby, Utility Authority Chairman, explained that the proposed loop line will provide these areas two (2) sources of water to ensure uninterrupted supply.  Such is needed in order to provide an adequate supply a drinking water and fire protection.  


Steedley addressed questions concerning individual connection fees.  Should CDBG funds be awarded, all qualifying low and moderate income persons in the target area would receive such at no cost, which equates to a savings of $700 per qualifying household.  It was clarified that each household would be required to pay a $50 refundable (after one (1) year of service) deposit to the Utility Authority in order to receive connection regardless of income.   It was further explained that door-to-door surveys would be conducted in these areas  to determine those who may qualify for CDBG-funded service.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:08 pm.



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