Meeting Minutes

Jon Caime,

County Administrator

September 19, 2003




The Hart County Board of Commissioners held a budget work session on Friday September 19, 2003 beginning 5:25 p.m..  In attendance were the Hart County Board of Commissioners with the exception of Commissioner RC Oglesby.  Interim Co. Admin. Jon Caime was also present.


An agenda was set and addressed the following outstanding issues.

  1. Food Stamp Issuance Budget Item- This item will continue to be left out of the budget.  When the more information is received by the County on this line item it may or may not be funded.
  2. Courthouse Grounds-The high cost of maintaining the Courthouse grounds was discussed.  No action was taken at this time.
  3. Time limits for the public hearing for the FY04 budget was discussed.  A sign up sheet will be issued and the amount of time allotted to those groups signed up to speak.  If any time is remaining, the time will be open.
  4. Temp. Position Probate Judges Office-request granted for 15 weeks of temporary help at a grade 10 for filling in when staff are out on leave etc.
  5. Tax Commissioner line item for sending out tax notices for vehicles (Ace Marketing) was discussed in some detail.  This line item will not be funded in 2004 due to the loss of revenue associated with using this practice.
  6. IT Position Job Description- was approved with a simple title change from “manager” to “specialist”.  The vote was 3-1 with Commissioner Dorsey opposed because of concern that the salary would increase 20%.
  7. The administrative assistant position for the County Administrator will be unfunded in 2004.






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Randy D. Banister, Chairman                                        Jon Caime, Interim Co. Administrator