Meeting Minutes

Jon Caime,

County Administrator

September 22, 2003




The Hart County Board of Commissioners held a budget work session on Monday September 22, 2003 beginning 5:15 p.m..  In attendance were the Hart County Board of Commissioners and Interim Co. Admin. Jon Caime.


Several Budget issues were discussed including the following outstanding issues which were discussed and finalized.

  1. DDA Budget:  Several members of the DDA were present to talk to the Board.  Earl Johnson presented several documents.  No action was taken.
  2. 203 Account:  Two fireman positions grade 11 are budgeted however these will not be hired until the fire department presents a plan on how the firemen will implement the needs of both the fire department and ISO.
  3. 203 Account:  A temporary position will be hired to bring the records up to date. 
  4. The recreation department associate position job description was approved with minor changes 4-1 (Commissioner Carter opposed because of the extra work load).






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Randy D. Banister, Chairman                                        Jon Caime, Interim Co. Admin.