Jon Caime,

Interim County Administrator

November 7, 2003




A roads work session of the Hart County Board of Commissioners was be held Thursday November 6, 2003 at 5:30 PM.  All Hart County Board of Commissioners were present along with Jon Caime, Hart County Interim Administrator.


  1. Roads Winter Work Schedule:  Interim County Administrator (IA) Caime explained the winter work schedule for the roads department will include: Maintenance of gravel roads, finish Winters lane project, finish Speedway project, begin Long range roads plan bridge maintenance work (goal of 27 bridges now), clip shoulders on roads to be sealed next summer (35-50 miles), prepare roads that are to be resurfaced 2004, and to rebuild shoulders on roads paved this past year


  1. Discussion on Trackhoe Purchase:  IA Caime explained the County had found a larger and less expensive trackhoe.  The Board agreed with the purchase of this piece of equipment.


  1. Discussion on Chip Spreader Purchase:  IA Caime discussed the need to replace the existing chip spreader.  This piece of equipment is used for sealing cracked paved roads, resurfacing tar and gravel roads, and for first time paving using tar and gravel.  After some discussion, the Board decided to wait until the existing spreader is no longer usable to replace it.


  1. Update DOT 2003 and DOT 2004 (LARP 03&04, AA 04):  An update on the current pending DOT assisted County road projects was given by IA Caime.  The need for funding match on any assistance was also discussed but IA Caime reported that the SPLOST II account should be sufficient to cover and funding needs for this.


  1. Overview of Funds Available for 2004:  IA Caime explained that the County currently has $150,000 budgeted for road paving from SPLOST I.  IA Caime also suggested the Board take an additional $40,000 from the undesignated funds in SPLOST I and allocate those funds for road paving.  IA Caime further explained that $500,000 has been budgeted for road paving from SPLOST II.  IA Caime also suggested that the Board transfer $40,000 currently budgeted in SPLOST II for “temporary road paving employees” to road paving.  The Board agreed with these transfers (no official action taken yet though).  This will provide a total of $730,000 for road paving for FY04.




  1. Determination of Funds Allocation:  IA Caime explained that if the Board was to do any first time paving, he would highly recommend we use tar and gravel and place the t&g on the existing road beds.  This will avoid expensive regrading and roadwork for these dirt roads.  In addition the cost to place tar and gravel surface is about $7,000 per mile versus $60,000 for pavement.  IA Caime also explained that prior to placing a t&g surface, the County must place additional base stone or the pavement will not last.


After considerable discussion, the Board decided to move forward with the following plan:


Tar and Gravel first time paving of dirt roads (estimated to total $275,000) to be done by the Hart County Roads Department:

1.      Parker Road

2.      Rhodes

3.      Blanton Shirley

4.      Andrew Floyd (0.350 miles from Farm road)

5.      Whitewood dirt road

6.      Spears Circle

7.      Miller Drive

8.      Somerset

9.      Eastern Road

10.  Jones-Bishop

11.  Page road from paved section of Page road to Liberty Hill Church Road)

12.  Harbor Point road

13.  St. James Road (0.400 miles from Turner road)

14.  Raindrop Road

15.  An additional $65,000 in first time paving in District 4 (to be decide by Commissioner Carter and IA Caime)


Resurface of Paved roads (to be contracted)

1.      $450,000 of paved road resurfacing in Districts 2,4 & 5 (to be decided by each District Commissioner and IA Caime).

2.      Resurface of old Beacon Light road (narrow section)

3.      Matched DOT grant 2004 resurfacing (not yet budgeted or roads picked by DOT).